Hello and welcome to my blog and photography and site.

When I was young, I developed an interest in photography.  However, I was never really consistent with it.  I remember receiving my first Brownie camera, and taking family and holiday photos.  My interest in photography came and went.  As the years went by, I remember owning other types of cameras.  For example, in the 60’s a Kodak Instamatic 124 Magic Cube Camera, after that a Vivitar pocket camera.   Later, I purchased a Minolta 101 film camera and this was my first introduction into an SLR type format.  I never really experimented with developing my own photographs, I would always have my film developed by the local camera shops.  But again my interest began to wane.

After we got married, my wife and I had purchased numerous digital point and shoot cameras over the years.  Our main purpose was for using them for photographing our vacations and at family functions.   With those initial digital photos, I was never really impressed with the color, quality, and resolution, but with the convenience of digital, I realized that they were perfect for our lifestyle at the time.

As a photo buyer, I had the opportunity to see many of the new cameras as they were introduced.  I began to notice that the newer generation digital cameras were finally beginning to achieve similar colors and vibrancy; almost approaching similar qualities to film.  The increase in the number of pixels was generating an improvement in the resolution as well.  Digital finally started looking up.

A very close friend of mine, Cemal Ekin a fabulous photographer (www.keptlight.com ) has been photographing for numerous years .  I expressed my renewed interest, and asked him for some advice in taking the plunge to one of the more advanced digital SLR cameras.  He offered me several choices from both Canon and Nikon.  I have always been partial to Nikon, so I purchased the Nikon D 80, and was not disappointed.

There has always been something so exciting to me about preserving the perfect moment, to hang onto something beautiful that never fades, and never goes away.