Let’s all go to the Faire…King Richards Faire

001_0569_Thumb_King_Richards_08312014-EditIf you enjoy a little diversion from reality, and want to transport yourself back in time, then King Richards Faire is for you.  Tucked away in the woods of Carver, Mass. (or as its better known this time of year as “Carvenshire”) are where the festivities begin.  Before they open those gates and as visitors begin to arrive they set the mood.  The visitors are greeted by a cast of characters, and then King Richard and his royal court welcome’s everyone to their kingdom and of course the Faire. The interesting thing is, it’s amazing to see how many of the attendees come in costume to take part in the festivities, dressed in period clothing to complement their surroundings. Both adults and children wearing costumes and face makeup – it was hard to tell them apart from the King Faire troupe.

Eventually you enter through the kingdom’s gates into the wooded fairgrounds….and let the festivities begin.  As you proceed through the entrance, you come face to face with fairies, wenches, warlocks, dancers, magicians, rider’s on horseback; all waiting to perform for everyone’s enjoyment.  There are booths where numerous artisans are creating their wares all around you.  Glass blowing, leather and wood crafters, pottery makers – and even palm readers – if you dare.

There are lots of things to do at the fair for people of all ages, especially the kids.  Kids can enjoy an area specifically designed for them.  Games, archery, rides, face painting, and interactive story telling – tons of things for them to do.  As for adults, there is plenty to do as well.  There are numerous shows that run throughout the day.  There are jugglers, fire-eaters, minstrels, acrobats, just to mention a few.  Another example of their entertainment is the “The Tale of the Tiger Show” also known by its other name, “The Big Cat Show”.  Either name – it was amazing.  You get a chance to see Bengal tigers, white lions and tigers, a liger (the mating of a male lion and a female tiger), monkeys, really-really close.  The presenters that work with the animals do a great job explaining and differentiating the animal types, and really make people aware at the rate of extinction that these beautiful large cats are experiencing.

The “Mud Show” was a little on the corny side for my taste, but other visitors seem to enjoy it. The other shows that seem to really draw the crowd’s attention were the jousting events.  Although the jousting portion was ‘visibly’ staged, the tricks and stunt riding that the riders had to perform were pretty interesting to see.  Definitely a different skill set.

All things considered, the fair was fun for one and all.  One final note, anyone planning to attend the fair for the first time should make sure that you bring plenty of extra cash.  It is a little on the pricey side.  Parking is free.  There is an admission, approximate $29.00 for adults, $20.00 for children.   For food, drink, treats, etc., you have to purchase tickets.  The quantity of the tickets you need is based upon what you order for food or drink (or entertainment). For example a small beer has a value of 9 tickets, a large is 12. (The ticket value I believe is $1.00 per ticket)  A chicken finger platter with fries was 8 tickets ($8.00).