October in Salem

6383_Salem_20131019It’s America’s largest Halloween party and we invited ourselves! This year, I had the opportunity to visit Salem, Massachusetts on a Saturday in October with some photographer friends for a night of photography, fun, and some entertaining people watching.

It was a challenge getting into the city, but once we were there, the city came alive with its Halloween and decorative atmosphere.  The city was crowded, but definitely manageable.  It was a beautiful night so we had plenty of opportunity to wander around, take photographs, and enjoy the sites.  It’s amazing to see how many people turn out in costume, many are locals, but most are out of town visitors.

My wife and I have had the opportunity to visit Salem on numerous occasions in the past, to enjoy its historic past, but never during the month of October.  There is a lot of history in the town of Salem to experience.  Sites like “The House of Seven Gables”, “The Custom House”, “The Peabody Essex Museum”, are just a few of the areas not to be missed.  One of the great benefits of Salem is that it’s a great walking city and very easy to navigate.  As I walked along the streets, seeing the old house from the 1600 and 1700’s, I couldn’t help but think about the events that this city had experienced.  When you mention Salem to anyone, they can’t help but think…witches.  It was such a small part of Salem’s history, but it has left such an indelible mark which has become one the main reasons that thousands and thousands of visitors flock to the city every year, especially in October.

It was great to be able to experience and photograph these sites first hand.